Whats On Next

A little chit chat about me setting up a TV discussion forum. Plus any other misc info about me. I have no idea if this blog is going to be boring as hell. But at least it's a record of me somewhere on the net. I hope everyone who visits gets something out of it. lol

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Header and favicon

Took a bit more work, but i got the favicon for Whatsonext.com running. The icon image was scaled down from the antenna W from the header and then i did some editing of the pic.

I ended up having to Google the final information on how to create one. Apparently you also need to add some URL code to point the browsers to the icon as well. I forgot to do that in the beginning.

The header got cleaned up too. Nice and clean. Took out any of the little spots and lines out of the header.

The Whatsonext name was also edited. The spacing wasn't quite right, but now it looks perfect.

Getting close to a complete site. I'll have to do a tech upgrade to the final version of 2.0 soon that should finish out the site. After that, this site will be running for years to come. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Busy Week

Took a little time off from updating.

Back into the swing of things this weekend.

Added a thread for the TV Tuesday Blog about Spin-Offs this week.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Site is back up!!



well...now the host has his site up. Good for him.

If only the guy would get to mine. lol

Site Down


I guess the frustrations of being a website owner are now upon me.

Whatsonext is down!!!

What's even worse is that even the host companies website is down. So, there isn't even a way to find out what's going on. Hopefully this is some sort of server update or something of that sort.

I guess it's one of the problems with going with cheap hosts. You lack support for the site.

I'm a little frustrated...but it's just something new to deal with.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Whatsonext Store

I'm thinking about adding in a Whatsonext store.

I'll have to look into the scripting, but it might be a nice little feature to the board that gets the word out on the site.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Changing color?

Whatsonext.com is fairly black and gray.

I was considering playing around and subtly tweaking the color scheme. Possibly making it more black and white. It may make it match up with a TV theme.

Monday, September 13, 2004

TV Deals

TV related deals should be solid content. I've been slowly updating with deals on ReplayTVs, TVs, DVDs, etc.

I haven't seen any other site with a topic that specific to DVDs, Electronics, and merchandise related to TV.

Whatsonext.com Deals

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Cool TV emoticons

This is a cool one that i added to Whatsonext

They had a Scary TV one too....but i didn't upload it.


Well....I finished the emoticon project earlier than i thought.

Not too hard to do.

I'll have to scour the net for some more cool one's to add to Whatsonext

Smilies and Emoticons

Looks like that's going to be my project for the weekend.

The Whatsonext forum software allows you to add in emoticons and smilies.

There's some pretty impressive one's on the net. Should give the site a little bit more atmosphere and fun.

Friday, September 10, 2004


not much got done today on the site. Just updated some deals.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pretty late

I'm up late poking around some blogs. lol

Still thinking up stuff to add and rearrange on Whatsonext.

It's been a decent start to the TV season for sure. There's definitely some more shows to look forward to. Flipping through some of them on the old ReplayTV.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

TV Tuesday Blog

Found a new blog today. TV Tuesday Blog

Every tuesday the person who runs the blog asks questions about TV shows and people on other blogs answer the questions. It looks kind of fun.

I might see if i can build the questions either into my blog or maybe even into Whatsonext


Working on getting some content up on Whatsonext

Finally have some basic threads going.


I've been trying to update this blog all day.

Apparently Java had issues and it wasn't letting me post. I finally restarted and it's working again. How frustrating!!

New TV season

The new TV season started already in the US. I listed a couple of the one's that i found over in the whatsonext forums.

Definitely a couple worth catching. Besides that I've started to add more content to the site. Adding the right bits of info that make a forum useful.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


This blogging thing could get really addictive. lol

It's kind of fun going to random blogs. You notice all the different quirks.... sarcasm...humor that people have on the net.

I'm still messing around with my template. I'll have to see if there are some cool one's around here that i can upload.


My tv life has changed big time ever since i've got a ReplayTV.

Now i record stuff in advance...and i can skip through commercials. Lately, i FF through the crappy parts of shows....kind of skimming through a show. Makes for a lot less TV watching when you save 20-25 minutes per hour of programming.

This thing is the best purchase i've made in a year. Saves a lot of time and 100 times easier than a stinking VCR and those tapes. I will have to do some hacking to it. Although, I don't watch SO much TV that it ever gets full. But apparently you can put a bigger hard drive in it, and save more stuff. I'm a watch once and toss kind of person though. So....who knows. If I'm bored some time, I guess I'll do it.

Edit: I just remembered. A great site for help with ReplayTVs and most video hardware AVS Forum

Monday, September 06, 2004


Since I'm probably going to have a little lag time....i think i'm going to add some random content to my blog and Whatsonext. Just to fill in some content on both.

What the heck....i guess i'm a little bored :P

tick tock

well...i guess the biggest issues are always going to be membership or at least finding a couple people who like some TV shows like me. I guess i should invite a couple more friends and see if i can get the word of mouth going. Google is my friend. I should see if i can add my url to their site

I wonder what Whatsonext will be like a year from now........

Sunday, September 05, 2004


The skinning of Whatsonext is nearly complete. A friend helped out with that. So, most of those site errors are gone.

The skin is uploaded. We've just been tweaking with the format and making it flow with a TV theme. Originally the top part of the site (header) was more of an alternative alien type theme. But now it's been shifted to a more Black and White TV Theme. The 1 or 2 people i've showed it to, seem to have positive comments about it.

We added the TV to the right and then the name of the site. The "W" in the title for Whatsonext has an antenna theme to it. We're thinking about adding a remote to it. Hopefully that'll give it a more TV theme. Basically, the last couple days have been about refinement of how people look at the site and giving it that TV flavor.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Whatsonext Site Errors


Whatsonext has had issues for the last couple days during this labor day weekend. We've been messing with the top header section and now all the formatting is messed up :P

Hopefully once that part is fixed, things will be somewhat normal again. lol

Friday, September 03, 2004

Still messing around

I think i made the site too complex...

So i scaled down the forums. If it's too busy, it won't be fun to use. I still have to think about what other cool forums to add. I think i have some of the popular stuff covered. I poked around a couple other sites to see what they have...so i think i've got a site people might visit.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Skin and Graphics

Got the skin up. It's got a weird alien type theme at the top..... Take a look at Whatsonext

Not at all TV related......yet......i guess i'll have to mess with it for a while. It's an awesome look. The skinner (the guy who makes the design) really put some thought into it. I've going back and forth looking at it and can't find really any other discussion forums about TV shows that have near the graphics.

hehe...i love it