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A little chit chat about me setting up a TV discussion forum. Plus any other misc info about me. I have no idea if this blog is going to be boring as hell. But at least it's a record of me somewhere on the net. I hope everyone who visits gets something out of it. lol

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Header and favicon

Took a bit more work, but i got the favicon for Whatsonext.com running. The icon image was scaled down from the antenna W from the header and then i did some editing of the pic.

I ended up having to Google the final information on how to create one. Apparently you also need to add some URL code to point the browsers to the icon as well. I forgot to do that in the beginning.

The header got cleaned up too. Nice and clean. Took out any of the little spots and lines out of the header.

The Whatsonext name was also edited. The spacing wasn't quite right, but now it looks perfect.

Getting close to a complete site. I'll have to do a tech upgrade to the final version of 2.0 soon that should finish out the site. After that, this site will be running for years to come. :)


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