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A little chit chat about me setting up a TV discussion forum. Plus any other misc info about me. I have no idea if this blog is going to be boring as hell. But at least it's a record of me somewhere on the net. I hope everyone who visits gets something out of it. lol

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


My tv life has changed big time ever since i've got a ReplayTV.

Now i record stuff in advance...and i can skip through commercials. Lately, i FF through the crappy parts of shows....kind of skimming through a show. Makes for a lot less TV watching when you save 20-25 minutes per hour of programming.

This thing is the best purchase i've made in a year. Saves a lot of time and 100 times easier than a stinking VCR and those tapes. I will have to do some hacking to it. Although, I don't watch SO much TV that it ever gets full. But apparently you can put a bigger hard drive in it, and save more stuff. I'm a watch once and toss kind of person though. So....who knows. If I'm bored some time, I guess I'll do it.

Edit: I just remembered. A great site for help with ReplayTVs and most video hardware AVS Forum


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